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Want more!Loved this podcast... please write a book!By xbrendanxbaileyx via iTunes | Australia | March 3, 2020 👍This podcast sounds great and I got a lot from it...looking forward to ‘kids on nature’!!By CrumCrumCrumCrumCrumCrumEtcEtc via iTunes…

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Presenting Out There: Deer Hunter

Indie podcast Out There explores big questions through intimate stories outdoors. In this award-winning episode, producer Sam Anderson goes hunting for the first time and finds it confronting. And as a vegetarian, so did I. But Sam explores his questions around what it takes to pull the trigger. Are we all capable of it? And if we can take a life, what does that say about us? How does Killing an animal change us? [audio src=""][/audio]

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Special Announcement

A quick update about what’s been happening since we released season one. We're planning for a second season but need your help. It’s about how getting off screens back outside and into the natural world can change the brains of young people. [audio src=""][/audio]

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Brain on Nature – The Big Issue

Brain on Nature shines brightest when revealing how injury can completely change family dynamics and self-image, prompting blank pages in a previously jam-packed social schedule - and now the kids…

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Best Of The Week – The Listener

Beginning of an immersive series about the influence nature has on our brains. Host Sarah Allely had a serious bicycle accident that seemed to fundamental change what was going on…

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Episode 6 – Back on the bike

The doctors are saying they want me to go back to work…gradually. But I’m not sure. I’ve lost my confidence. My rehab specialist says we won’t know until we try. He means I won’t actually recover properly until I go back to work. The neurons that fire together, wire together – he keeps saying. [audio src=""][/audio]

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