Theme Music by Jonathan Zenti

We're honoured to have a beautiful piece of music composed and performed especially for Brain on Nature, by the multi-talented Jonathan Zenti from the Meat podcast. We met Jonathan at…

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Mental Health Day Hike

I prescribed myself a mental health hike today. It was spontaneous. I woke up at 5am, lay there for a while thinking about what I actually needed to do today and what could wait. I decided my mental health would benefit from a strenuous, solo bush walk.

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Backyard Recovery

I spent many hours sitting in my backyard staring at trees after I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. This large green backyard was essential to my recovery.

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I wonder if there’s some kind of hormone that nature triggers, which makes me forget. I know there were plenty of moments on this camping trip when I thought, ‘this isn’t actually fun, or relaxing’, and ‘OK, I’m not doing this again unless it’s summer’.

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