Podcast Consulting

We offer master classes and one-on-one tutorials in all aspects of podcast production. Podcast Distribution and Publicity Distribution and publicity is often overlooked until the last minute, but having a…

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BONUS – Presenting HumaNature: A Positive Experience!

While you wait for season two, here's an inspiring story from a father and daughter about their first backpacking adventure. As they hike into Utah's Bryce Canyon in late November, things don't go according to plan. But they both emerge positive about being pushed to the edge by nature's unpredictability. This story comes from HumaNature, a Wyoming Public Media podcast that tells real stories about humans in the natural world. You can find them wherever you get your podcasts, or humanaturepodcast.org. [audio src="https://media.acast.com/brain-on-nature/presentinghumanature/media.mp3"][/audio]

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Theme Music by Jonathan Zenti

We're honoured to have a beautiful piece of music composed and performed especially for Brain on Nature, by the multi-talented Jonathan Zenti from the Meat podcast. We met Jonathan at…

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Episode 4 – Invisible injury

I’m racing towards the finish line. I'm almost better! I try to get back to my normal life, but something’s still not quite right. And then, all of a sudden, things start to unravel. Surely this isn’t happening. I’m nearly better, remember? I find Cait Ward, who had similar experiences after being hit with a lacrosse ball. [audio src="https://media.acast.com/brain-on-nature/invisibleinjury/media.mp3"][/audio]

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Episode 1 – The Accident

I wake up on the road in intense pain. I don’t know what’s happened. Who are these people? Where am I? Why is my right shoulder killing me? But it’s only when I get home from the hospital that the extent of my injuries start to emerge. I can’t read, I can listen to music, I can’t be around my family. What is happening? [audio src="https://media.acast.com/brain-on-nature/theaccident/media.mp3"][/audio]

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Mental Health Day Hike

I prescribed myself a mental health hike today. It was spontaneous. I woke up at 5am, lay there for a while thinking about what I actually needed to do today and what could wait. I decided my mental health would benefit from a strenuous, solo bush walk.

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Trailer 2

This narrative podcast series recreates the intensities of my experience, using rich sound design. Loud cafes, bars, social gatherings, my kids – all were unbearable. But the sounds of nature had the opposite effect.

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Backyard Recovery

I spent many hours sitting in my backyard staring at trees after I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. This large green backyard was essential to my recovery.

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