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Podcasting is, by nature, an intimate medium. We’re often listening to podcasts on our headphones, locked deep into a world of sound that is only limited by our imagination. But building trust with your audience and creating a level of intimacy that keeps listeners coming back requires particular skill. In 2015 journalist Sarah Allely had a bike accident that left her unable to read, write, watch TV or listen to podcasts. Going into nature helped her recover from a mild traumatic brain injury and she’s since created the narrative documentary podcast Brain on Nature, a very personal portrayal about her recovery process.

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Episode 6 – Back on the bike

The doctors are saying they want me to go back to work…gradually. But I’m not sure. I’ve lost my confidence. My rehab specialist says we won’t know until we try. He means I won’t actually recover properly until I go back to work. The neurons that fire together, wire together – he keeps saying. [audio src=""][/audio]

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Episode 5 – There’s science to this

I’m depressed and anxious and the headaches are back. I have to dose myself up on nature again. I wouldn’t have considered heading into the bush alone before the accident. But now I’m known for turning up to school pick-ups in shorts and hiking boots. But why has no doctor told me to use nature? Or even encouraged me really? [audio src=""][/audio]

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Episode 4 – Invisible injury

I’m racing towards the finish line. I'm almost better! I try to get back to my normal life, but something’s still not quite right. And then, all of a sudden, things start to unravel. Surely this isn’t happening. I’m nearly better, remember? I find Cait Ward, who had similar experiences after being hit with a lacrosse ball. [audio src=""][/audio]

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